What Cold Penguin Offers

We can create almost anything. Here is what we offer to help you.


It's pretty easy and common to have a personal or business website. There are lots of free websites out there that do it for you. However, if you want something a little more YOU, we can help.

Desktop Applications 

Not everyone has access to the internet. We understand that and can help you without it. Sometimes all you need is an application that you can run from your desktop and you are good to go.


Mobile is big in everyday business and personal use. Chances are, it will remain big for a long time to come. Need a mobile presence? Everything from mobile friendly websites to mobile apps, we're here for you.


Interfaces are tricky. You want to take information from one place and share it with another. We have extensive experience with this and we can save you time and money.


Not everyone knows what they want. Not everyone knows what they need. Sometimes, all you know is you need something. We'll offer as many solutions as necessary. We have many years of experience in multiple industries from Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device to Funeral Service. (just throwing this out there as we need to show our relevance within many different industries).